40 Days of Giving

So #Lent has arrived and with it there will be many people who have made a conscious decision to change and will have given something up. For me, as well as choosing to remove sugar from my life – which will be a challenge, self -confessed sugar addict here, I usually make the decision to […]

Self Care isn’t Selfish, It’s Necessary

Self Care Isn’t Selfish, It’s Necessary How are you feeling now Christmas has been and gone and the New Year celebrations are over? It’s back to the ‘norm’ and it’s also that time of year when we often feel a slump in our energy. It’s common to catch a cold, turn to comfort food and […]

Stress Nearly Killed me – Twice!!

Do you feel overwhelmed and wish that the world would stop so you can get off just for a little while? Are you irritable and snappy with your family and friends? Does it feel like you have a perpetual cold that you just can’t seem to shift? Or is that Stomach acid just not going […]

It’s Summer – Someone please tell the weather!

As I sit here writing this, it’s pouring down with rain and looking more like October than July. I’d like to lay blame at the builders across the street, ever since they started to work on the roof it’s done an awful lot of raining…. Anyway, onto the purpose of what I’m writing about this […]

Balance & Harmony

Balance & Harmony – It’s all about Reiki Reiki, you hear lots of people talking about it nowadays, but what is it? For me Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key, is a way of opening up to new depths of Spiritual Awareness. It’s not a Religion or a belief system, but a method of natural healing. I am […]

Happy New Year!!

Warm blessings to you at the start of 2016! I hope your Christmas and New Year festivities treated you well and that you didn’t suffer from too much over indulgence………. January is traditionally seen as the time to detox. We see so many adverts now of charities recruiting Dryathletes and various slimming programmes encouraging us […]

Indian Head Massage at Hanlon Hardy & Styles

Before I go in depth about the benefits of Indian Head Massage I thought I’d explain a little bit about stress and the affects that it can have on our daily life. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, stress is ‘a pressure of load, weight, some adverse force or influence’, other definitions include ‘anxiety, burden, […]