40 Days of Giving

So #Lent has arrived and with it there will be many people who have made a conscious decision to change and will have given something up.

For me, as well as choosing to remove sugar from my life – which will be a challenge, self -confessed sugar addict here, I usually make the decision to take the time to #payitforward and so 40 Days of Giving was created.

40 DAYS OF GIVING is the opportunity for you to also join me in paying it forward.

Is there someone you know who has decided to make a life-lengthening decision and has started to look after themselves, started to make their health and well-being a priority?

Are they always in demand and saying yes to everyone when they should be saying no, so actually they don’t get the rest or time out that they deserve?

Has someone you know decided to give up smoking, but they’re worried about how they’ll cope with the stress, the stress of giving up and the general stress that life brings?

Has someone you know just been through a life-changing illness, has now finished their treatment and you haven’t known how to acknowledge this and show your support, other than through flowers, chocolates and cards?

40 DAYS OF GIVING is about acknowledging all of the above and saying “you can do this, You deserve this, I believe in You, I’m here for You”

During the next 40 days, I’m offering YOU the opportunity to purchase a Holistic Full Body Massage for the person You thought of, for that special individual you want to help.

The normal investment for a Holistic Full Body Massage is £50, however as part of 40 DAYS OF GIVING and helping you to pay it forward the investment is only £25.

For just £25 you can show someone that you care!

To purchase your Voucher for just £25 you can:
CALL/TEXT 07730338241

Visit http://bit.ly/29UbHqo for more details of our other services.

#payitforward the gift of giving feels so good!

Jen x

PS. As this offer is for someone else and not for you, i’d like to thank you for being so thoughtful with a gift for you too!
When you purchase a Voucher you will be sent a link to download a meditation and book your appointment to receive Distant Reiki – worth £50!

40 Days of Giving 1st March – 9th April 2017

Relax Your Mind Rejuvenate Your Body Revive Your Soul

40 Days of Giving v3

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