Stress Nearly Killed me – Twice!!


Do you feel overwhelmed and wish that the world would stop so you can get off just for a little while?

Are you irritable and snappy with your family and friends?

Does it feel like you have a perpetual cold that you just can’t seem to shift?

Or is that Stomach acid just not going with the Ant-acids you’re gobbling like Smarties?

I’ve been there and I know how you feel….

Before I worked for myself I worked in the NHS for a Primary Care Trust.

In 2010 the Government decided that they would close the PCTs and transfer the decision making responsibility to the GPs in the form of Clinical Commissioning Groups. This was a MAJOR Re-organisation of thousand’s of staff, and it also meant that there were at least another 4 people who did my job that I would be up against. There were a lot of staff to fit into a few jobs and the ‘people at the top’ had decided that my job was no longer required but redundancies weren’t an option at that stage.

I was skills matched – a phrase that I still shiver at – and I was moved to a suitable vacancy. Into a team which was already established, working well together and they knew where they were going.

On my first day I was introduced to individual team members, people who I had never met before, as ‘the imposter from South’ and I should’ve known then that things weren’t going to be pleasant, but I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt at least once. This is where it all went down hill and I became that person above, irritable with family, constant stomach acid and I really wished the world would let me off.

Thankfully my Line Manager was a wonderful, kind and supportive Manager and did their best through mediation to resolve the issues that had arisen between my colleague and I. Unfortunately it wasn’t exactly successful but we managed to a degree.

As a Sensitive Soul I absorb peoples energy like a sponge, positive and negative energy, and that can have such an effect on your own personal well-being. The extent of me absorbing the negative & angry energy from my colleague lead to me being admitted to Hospital with Liver failure. The stress of being with someone who really didn’t like me or want me working in their team lead to Organ Failure, a part of me was actually Dying!!

At the same time as being diagnosed with Liver Failure, we were all having to apply for a greatly reduced number of jobs and I just wasn’t successful this time, my colleague pipped me to it by one point and I was made redundant at the end of March 2013.

Best. Thing. Ever!!

Fast forward to present day….

My Liver is functioning well and I now work for myself in such beautiful and peaceful surroundings. Surroundings that I created and which my Clients call ‘The Sanctuary’.

Is my story giving you that familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach, are you also living this HELL, are you the person I used to be?
Are you feeling overwhelmed, wishing that the world would stop so you can get off just for a little while?
Do you feel irritable and snap constantly with those that you love?
Do you wish that the perpetual cold that you just can’t seem to shift would either come out or go away?
Are you horrified at the amount Ant-acids you’re gobbling like Smarties just to get some minor relief from the Stomach Acid?

I created ‘The Sanctuary’ for You.
People who are like I was: Overwhelmed, Irritable and just Tired from constantly being on the edge.

‘The Sanctuary’ is a place where you can Relax Your Mind, Rejuvenate Your Body and Revive Your Soul.

De-stressing Your Mind, Your Body & Your Soul will assist you in
*Relieving your stress that comes from working long, demanding hours*
*Increasing your energy to be the best version of you that you can be*
*Having a positive impact on your relationship with loved ones*
*LIVING YOUR LIFE, the way YOU want to*

If this is you then it’s vital that you take care of yourself, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Book your appointment today and lets begin to refill your cup.
Call or text me on 07730338241 or email

Love Jen x

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