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Balance & Harmony – It’s all about Reiki

Reiki, you hear lots of people talking about it nowadays, but what is it?

For me Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key, is a way of opening up to new depths of Spiritual Awareness. It’s not a Religion or a belief system, but a method of natural healing.

I am attuned to the Usui practice of Reiki, which was re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the late 1800’s.

Today, Reiki is a simple yet powerful way that you can bring both physical and emotional balance and harmony into your  life, especially during stressful times.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we have energy bodies as well as physical bodies and that you need Life Force Energy to keep both bodies balanced and healthy.

People believe that pain and many illnesses are a result of blocked or imbalanced energy. When we restore energy and balance to a painful or diseased area, the pain or disease is often relieved. That is why Reiki is so healing.

Our planet offers us a frequency of Life Force Energy that is very healing and invigorating. Try hugging a tree, (seriously, try it!) or walking in the grass barefoot, you can feel the energy and bring it into your body like a plants roots bring up water and nutrients.

How does it work?

Well, Reiki is a method of channeling or transmitting Universal Life Energy through our hands, either to yourself or another. When I perform an In-Person Reiki session, I place my hands on your body, whilst you’re fully clothed,  in a series of positions and allow the life energy to flow through from me to you.

Reiki can also be performed as Distance Healing, we both sit comfortably at the same time, in a quiet space so we can focus, just like you would in person. This is a really relaxing, natural way for you to receive Reiki when you’re located elsewhere.

Reiki is powerful, yet gentle, and it seems to have an intelligence of its own. It flows to the source of physical or emotional symptoms, fills any energy needs and restores your body to a wholeness.

When you receive Reiki, either through physical contact or via distance healing, you may feel deep peace, relaxation, release of physical or emotional pain, and a sense of well-being as the Universal Life Energy flows through me to you. I can definitely say it is one of the best therapies you can have.

What happens afterwards?

Before you leave the therapy room, I’ll make sure you are fully conscious and aware of your surroundings. It isn’t that you’ve been hypnotised, just that Reiki can make you feel very relaxed and sleepy sometimes.

Your body will begin its detoxification process over the following 72 hours so make sure you drink plenty of water to help this process along.

You may also feel like you have the energy to spring clean or run a marathon, this is a really good, positive sign that your body has accepted the Universal Life Energy.


How does it feel?

Honestly, it feels like a warm hug, unconditional love if you like. It’s peaceful, relaxing and nurturing and most definitely restores your sense of well-being and balance.

The best bit for me though, Reiki helps us to remember who we are.


Want to find out more, and experience a session for yourself?

Are you feeling stressed and looking for a natural way to reduce your stress levels?

Spinning too many plates and looking for greater balance and pace in your life ?

Know that you are not feeling or behaving like yourself?

Like everything is out of sync and you want to return back to being YOU?

My Balance & Harmony Package is designed with you in mind.

This special package will help to restore your energy, your focus and your well being over a 6 week period.

You receive a full consultation with me and 3 Reiki Sessions, either delivered face to face or via distance healing.

PLUS a personalised Meditation so you can continue to receive the healing at home.

This package costs £125 and I have 10 spaces available.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and lots of energy and balance to gain.

Contact me on 07730 338241 and let’s bring some Balance & Harmony into your life.

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