Happy New Year!!

Warm blessings to you at the start of 2016!

I hope your Christmas and New Year festivities treated you well and that you didn’t suffer from too much over indulgence……….

January is traditionally seen as the time to detox. We see so many adverts now of charities recruiting Dryathletes and various slimming programmes encouraging us to use this product/service to help lose weight. This made me think, is it time to Detox or is it time to make a permanent change?

I’m not sure about the detox but certainly my body needs a break from all the rich food and drink I’ve consumed over the Christmas and New Year festivities.

What I found this year was that I didn’t actually enjoy all that over-indulgent food! Weird I know but let me explain a little. After my birthday (and the hubby’s birthday), at the end of September, where I had been exotically over-indulgent, I decided to give up alcohol until Christmas Eve. Not that I drank huge amounts, a bottle of wine a week maybe but I wanted to see what the effect would be if I abstained for a while.

Spurred on by leaving the alcohol out of my diet I decided to cut my consumption of fatty and sugary foods too. This was helped by meeting the very lovely Yvonne from Slimming World who showed me what the alternatives were when I had a sugar craving, this is what I suffered from most if I’m honest. Just to note – there are other Slimming clubs/aids out there, so if this is something you want to look into then make sure you choose the right one for you – after all, in the words of McFly – it’s all about you baby!

The beginning of October saw me on my new plan, no alcohol, fatty or sugary foods. Sounds hard right? I can’t deny that it wasn’t hard but the good thing about it was the increased energy I had, my skin, which had never really been problematic due to the Organic products I use, blossomed without the toxins, and my inner workings became balanced. I no longer had that awful heartburn from trying to process toxins that my body just didn’t need.

December came and with it a number of Christmas gatherings, all involving food and drink. I was resolute in not drinking alcohol that was the easy bit, the fatty and sugary foods were a little harder to avoid so these just had to be managed and I did quite well. At my Christmas weigh-in I’d managed to shed 12.5lbs, not quite my Stone target but OK given the damage limitation I was doing.

Well…… what happened during Christmas week? I enjoyed sipping a glass of wine or two – OK, make that 6 bottles, the odd spirit and a bottle of beer. I consumed a lot of Stollen, Chocolates, Mince Pies, beautiful homemade Bakewell Tart with lashings of alcoholic cream, and Cheese, oh my the Cheese was divine!! All these things made my tastebuds sing, they were so flavorsome! Damage had been done………..

In a week of exotic over-indulgence I had put on 3lbs – in a week!!! It goes on so easily and takes forever to come off, well that’s what it feels like. But what about the effect that all this over-indulgence had had on my body? My heartburn was back with a vengeance and it had brought its family and friends for company! My inner workings were out of sync so I was feeling lethargic and sluggish. My skin was irritated and had lost its brightness, looking dull and tired. My sleep was disturbed by the heartburn parties going on and I slept so much, really deeply but not necessarily restful sleep.

By the time Tuesday came around I’d had enough of rich food and couldn’t wait to start back on the cleansing food – yes I had cravings for lettuce!! Along came a mammoth session of just finishing off anything that was open, this was really hard to do but helped in getting rid of the impulse to graze. The fate of the unopened leftovers: alcohol has gone into storage, the leftover rich food has gone to the local food bank.

We’re back on track and it feels good!

So what’s my learning from all this?

Well this year, 2016, is going to be all about me, being my own best friend.

I have a choice to make about what goes into (and onto) my body and I choose only those things that my body needs in order to be balanced.  It’s not about losing weight by denying myself the ‘good stuff’, and getting fit because that’s what everyone else does – running does not make me feel balanced! That’s what it’s about for me, being in balance.

So while you may be thinking of detoxing for January, why not make this whole year about you and make you your priority. If not now, when?

We only have one Mind, one Body and one Soul and all they want is to be taken care of, loved, and made your priority. You can’t pour from an empty cup so take the time to fill your cup with nourishment that serves you well!

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