Our Services

Luxurious Foot Therapy

Close your eyes and imagine…

… A luxurious warming Foot soak in Himalayan Salts…

… A relaxing Head or Hand Massage with Aromatic Essential Oils…

… Experiencing a deep, soothing Foot & Leg Massage…

… Toenail perfection, au natural or with nail polish…

This. This is our luxurious Holistic Pedicure.

Experience one of these and you will leave feeling like you’re walking on air!

No more aching feet and sore toes! No more cracked heels or dry skin!

Just beautiful, relaxed feet ready to take on the adventures you have planned!

Our Luxurious Holistic Pedicure is available from 1st October 2018 and is priced at £42.

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Book this luxurious therapy and you’ll feel like you’re walking on air!

The Perfect Pamper

This is a blissful, hour long Massage appointment, perfect for you if you are a chilled person who enjoys bringing an indulgent element into your ‘Me Time’.

Perfect if all you want is the occasional pamper, an occasional treat for yourself.

Relax your mind in our beautiful, tranquil Therapy Rooms, the scent of specially selected Essential Oils providing an amazing aroma to complement your massage.

Listen to the gentle sounds of the rainforest taking you to another place and time.

Feel your body rejuvenate as the tensions melt away, your muscles are soothed by the gentle relaxing strokes of Swedish Massage.

Our aim is for you to leave the Therapy Centre an even more chilled version of yourself, relaxed in your mind and rejuvenated in your body. What could be more perfect!

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If you know others who would like it too, then please spread the love and share the details of The Perfect Pamper.

It’d be such a shame to keep it to yourself!!

Oh and the price – £50, absolutely perfect!

Enjoy an Hours Vacation with The Perfect Pamper

Ear Candle Therapy

Brain Fog, a usually temporary state of diminished mental capacity marked by inability to concentrate or to think or reason clearly.

Basically that thing that stops you from doing stuff!

If you feel like your thoughts are foggy, Ear Candling can be a great way to clear your head.

Let’s set the scene…. A tranquil setting, a comforting, warm couch, the gentle soothing sounds of nature. We start with a soothing and relaxing facial massage, relieving tension around your Jaw, Sinuses & Forehead. A soft linen & beeswax candle is then inserted just into the beginning of the ear canal, far enough to create a seal. The candle is lit and gently burns whilst the crackling sound of the burning candle relaxes your body & mind. Bliss!

Imagine having space to breathe, letting go of the brain fog and having clarity on what you would like to do next.

This service is £40 with appointments available from 1st October,

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