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'You cannot pour from an empty cup,
you must refill your needs in order to help others'

  • Do you feel like you're constantly running from place to place feeling completely stressed out?
  • Are you busy spinning lots of different plates wondering which one will come crashing down first?
  • Does it feel like you're very good at finding time for everyone else and their needs,but very poor at finding essential time out for you?


well the good news is....


As an Intuitive Holistic Massage Therapist my role is to help you on your healing path. With a number of different massage modalities that I can dip in to, to give you a unique and individual healing experience, you will leave 'The Sanctuary' a different person.

There are many benefits to having regular massage.

  • Massage promotes Lymphatic Drainage, assisting in removing excess toxins from the body.
  • It helps to breakdown fat cells and releases stress which can assist weight-loss.
  • Sleep is much improved which increases your energy levels.
  • As all of these things improve, the appearance of your skin is also showing signs of improvement in colour and muscle tone – which helps to delay the onset of wrinkles!

It can be quite confusing to know exactly which massage will benefit you the most.
Here is a short summary of my most popular massages for people whose aims are relaxation, reduction in stress levels, improved sleep, greater concentration, and assistance with muscle function and performance.

Depending on your healing needs, you can experience any of the following massages:

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage at 'The Sanctuary' uses personally chosen stones from the South Cornish coast. These have been chosen for their vibration and energy levels and are heated and then placed on the main Chakra points down the centre of your body. Smaller hot stones are then used to provide a deep, warming massage. The hot stones penetrate further into the body than a massage therapist can and the benefit is one of deep relaxation and release of muscle tension.

Aromatherapy Massage
Organic Fairtrade Essential Oils are used for this Massage. The power of plants to help us heal is amazing – think of Lavender for sleep and Aloe Vera for burns. Following a full consultation carefully chosen Essential Oils are blended to create a unique massage oil just for you.

Indian Head Massage
Also known as Champissage, this is a therapy based on traditional Old Indian techniques. The Upper Back, Shoulders, Neck, Scalp & Face are worked on during this therapy using a variety of massage movements. Benefits have been described as: clears the mind. alleviates stress, anxiety & depression, leaves you with a feeling of peace & harmony.

Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage is the foundation massage in 'The Sanctuary'. Depending on your preference, this can either be a relaxing or invigorating massage.

Thermo Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candles)
A relaxing facial massage precedes the insertion of the Ear Candles. These are strips of linen that have been dipped in wax to create a hollow candle. After gentle insertion into the ear canal, ensuring a seal is formed, the candles are lit. A vacuum is created and pulls out any hard compacted ear wax whilst the sound of the candle slowly burning soothes your mind. This is a really beneficial therapy for those suffering from Migraine, Hayfever, Sinusitis to name a few.

Pronounced Ray-Key, and meaning Universal Life Force, Reiki is a powerful form of healing energy, flowing from Therapist to client, either face to face or via distance healing. This therapy offers deep peace, relaxation, release of physical and/or emotional pain, and a sense of well-being & balance. Deep sleep and renewed energy are just some of the benefits of Reiki.

Easy Muscle Management (EMM-Tech)
This is a beautiful non-invasive therapy, which can be completed as a stand-alone therapy or as part of a Massage. Based on a sequence of muscle activation points this technique can unlock muscle memory and give the brain the opportunity to set up a new state of homeostasis, providing an opportunity for re-alignment in the body. Using light pressure, problem areas are released, reset and reprogrammed, with often instantaneous results. This therapy is suitable for everyone and is highly recommended for those who play sport and lift weights.

Beyond Hands Massage Therapy
Beyond Hands is a massage that will make you feel like your tensions have been ‘ironed out’. Leaving muscles with less tension and dysfunction, this is a fabulous therapeutic and relaxing massage. This massage soothes sore muscles, increases circulation and aids a sense of deep relaxation. Like other forms of massage the pace and pressure can be adapted to suit your needs.

Are you ready to receive renewed energy
and reduce your stress levels?